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Interpolation Software Reviews/Links

(observations by Andrew Darlow)

Alien Skin Blow-Up (Alien Skin Software; $199): The results I’ve seen with Alien Skin Blow-Up have been amazing, especially with standard photographic images. I recommend moving the “Sharpen Amount” slider all the way to the left, and the “Add Grain” slider to whatever level you feel comfortable with based on the results you see. I then recommend applying final sharpening or grain adjustment in Photoshop. In my experience with Alien Skin Blow-Up, the areas that are not handled as well when making blow-ups over about 200% are areas with small type.


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Print and scan method: Another interpolation method that can work well, but takes extra work is to make a small sharp print (inkjet or photographic) about 2×3 inches (or larger if your file will support it) and then shoot the print with a digital camera (copy shot setup) or scan it on a good flatbed or drum scanner. Glossy papers usually work best.

(more software reviews to come)