Chapter 5 (Find Links Below on this Page)

Link# Product Info/ Article Link #1 Product Info/ Article Link #2 Product Info/ Article Link #3 Trusted Reseller (Sponsored/ Affiliate Links) Trusted Reseller (Sponsored/ Affiliate Links)
L5.1 Alternative Processes
Alternative Processes
Alternative Processes
Links on DMOZ
L5.2 Recommended
Books for Color/B&W
Great collection of b&w tips plus links on northlight-
L5.3 HP Designjet Z3100
L5.4 Canon imagePROGRAF
L5.5 Epson Stylus Pro 3800
L5.6 HP Photosmart
Pro B9180
L5.7 Vermont PhotoInkjet
L5.8 Lyson

L5.9 MIS Associates

L5.11 DigitalBlack&White
thePrint online group
L5.12 Piezography online
L5.13 PhotoDisc Target (.zip) Andrew Darlow’s Target
Great Tonality Chart on Chroma-Tech’s site
Other targets on
Great Target from OutbackPrint

Some excellent charts on
L5.14 Adobe Photoshop
Lightroom Grayscale
L5.15 Photoshop CS3
B&W conversion tool
(video overview)
Dr. Brown’s
video tutorial
L5.16 Vincent Versace’s
Welcome to Oz
L5.17 Vincent Versace’s
Acme Educational
L5.18 ColorBurst RIP
L5.19 ColorBurst RIP LE
(search for “RIP”)
LE to full version
upgrade chart
L5.20 StudioPrint RIP
L5.21 ImagePrint RIP
L5.22 Quad Tone RIP
L5.23 Roy Harrington’s
L5.24 Quad Tone RIP
online group
L5.25 Paul Roark’s
21-step test chart
by Paul Roark
L5.26 Epson Stylus
Photo R1800
L5.27 HP Designjet Z3100
L5.28 PremierArt
Print Shield
L5.29 PhotoPlus Expo
L5.30 Photo Exhibitions/
Many Resources
The Art List
L5.31 Fiber Gloss/
Fiber Semi-gloss
article – pdnonline
Fiber Gloss/Fiber
Semi-gloss article