Chapter 4 (Find Links Below on this Page)

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L4.1 International Color
Link to a great site that covers working space profiles, Assign vs. Convert to Profile, and much more.
List of Andrew’s Recommended Books for Color Management and Related Topics
L4.2 Mac printing workflow Windows printing workflow
L4.3 Softproofing workflow
Color Settings Info
Custom profiling
L4.4 HP Photosmart 475
L4.5 Designjet On-board
Spectro info
L4.6 Epson ColorBase 2 info Excellent article about
ColorBase and the Epson Stylus Pro 3800

Additional ColorBase info

L4.7 Forum: ColorBase info ColorBase article on
L4.8 ColorVision Spyder2
ColorVision Spyder 3
L4.9 i1 Display 2 i1 PRO (i1 Photo Suite)
L4.10 Pantone huey Pantone huey PRO
L4.11 EIZO website
L4.12 Hoodman laptop shades
L4.13 Profiles location (OSX)
Profiles location (Windows XP/Vista)
L4.14 Custom profile providers
L4.15 ColorVision (Datacolor)
L4.16 X-Rite
L4.17 Color Management
product review links
L4.18 Color Test Chart
L4.19 Softproofing tutorial
L4.20 Assign vs. Convert
L4.21 Gamut Mapping Utilities