Chapter 2 (Find Links Below on this Page)

Link# Product Info/ Article Link #1 Product Info/ Article Link #2 Product Info/ Article Link #3 Trusted Reseller (Sponsored/ Affiliate Links) Trusted Reseller (Sponsored/ Affiliate Links)
L2.1 Recommended
Art & Photo Bestsellers (
L2.2 PhotoDisc Target (.zip) Andrew Darlow’s Target
Great Tonality Chart on Chroma-Tech’s site
Great collection of charts on Bill Atkinson’s site
(see Profile Test Images)
Other targets on
Great Target from OutbackPrint

Some excellent charts on
Collection of many test charts, with
great explanations, on
L2.3 Print worksheet (PDF) Print worksheet (.doc)

L2.4 Adhesive Label Sheets
Label sheets at
L2.5 Photoshop CS2
and CS3
Photoshop Elements
Photoshop at
L2.6 Genuine Fractals
Pxl SmartScale Genuine Fractals at
L2.7 Alien Skin Blow-Up Alien Skin Software
(10% off most products)
L2.8 Interpolation Software
L2.9 Dan Margulis’ Workshops & Books
Dan Margulis’ Books at
L2.10 High Pass Sharpening Online Tutorial Excellent Sharpening Article by Ron Bigelow
L2.11 Merge all layers into
a single layer
L2.12 PhotoKit SHARPENER
L2.13 PixelGenius Resources
L2.14 Nik Sharpener Pro 2.0
Nik Products at
L2.15 Outback Photo
L2.16 Fractal Sharpening Technique
L2.17 George DeWolfe’s site
L2.18 Optipix software
L2.19 Jeff Schewe’s site
L2.20 PixelGenius PhotoKit
L2.21 Alien Skin Exposure2
L2.22 Noise Reduction options