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BOOK REVIEWS: 301 Inkjet Tips and Techniques

Below are some selected reviews of my new book, 301 Inkjet Tips and Techniques: An Essential Printing Resource for Photographers. I sincerely appreciate all reviews and welcome you to submit yours. I will only add them to the site after receiving permission from you via e-mail. Please note that I will try to, but cannot guarantee that I will be able to include every review I receive. You can send all reviews to me at imaging (at) andrewdarlow.com. I also encourage you to post your reviews on Amazon.com, B&N.com or other appropriate websites/newsgroups. Thanks and have fun printing! -Andrew Darlow


“301 Inkjet Tips and Techniques” is terrific. It’s a very thorough “encyclopedia” of how to make prints, and what you can do with them. In my view, it should be called “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Making and Using Inkjet Prints But Were Afraid to Ask.”

The book is also filled with wonderful photographs contributed by Andrew and his very accomplished friends and clients. Great information, and well-worth the price.

-Peter Krogh, Author, The DAM Book, Digital Asset Management for Photographers (www.theDAMbook.com)


Andrew Darlow’s 301 Inkjet Tips has become one of my favorite and first go-to reference sources since receiving it. The broad range of topics, concise presentation and many illustrations makes it a one-of- a-kind resource that anyone serious about their printing will find extremely useful.

-Larry Padgett, Executive Director: The Center for Fine Art Photography (www.c4fap.org)


After reading Andrew Darlow’s new book on inkjet tips and techniques, I am amazed. I have been printing on a large format Epson printer since 2003 and thought I knew it all. Andrew explains every step in detail and has new ideas even for a seasoned printer. This book is a worthy investment for anyone who does any inkjet printing on any scale.

Peter Dant Photography
648 Holmdel Road
Hazlet, NJ 07730


As if “301 Inkjet Tips and Techniques” wasn’t enough to get most photographers to buy this wonderful book by Andrew Darlow, the “Guest Artist” section is almost worth the price, alone. More that a dozen top-flight photographic artists share their images and their insight. Whether it’s Phil Bard discussing Photo Rag and Other Papers or Richard Erlich sharing his knowledge about Website, Portfolio, and Marketing Tips or Kirk Gittings on Printing with the ImagePrint RIP, each and every guest artist speaks specifically about how they do what they do without the usual self-aggrandizing chatter common in books of this type. When it comes to the tips and techniques, however, nothing is left to chance there, either. With surprising ease we can locate information we want and need, whether it’s deciding which inkjet to buy or how to save ink with Epson Pro printers (I don’t think Epson wants you to know this!). Once you open one page that leads to another, then another, then another, etc. Before you know it, hours have passed and your knowledge base of inkjet printing techniques has increased significantly. This one’s a keeper!

-Tim Anderson, publisher, CameraArts magazine (www.cameraarts.com)


This nearly 500-page book is full information on the subject of inkjet printing as a digital photographer; perfect for the digital photographer, instructor, or student needing a resource. Rating: A++

-Eizabeth Powis for Apogee Photo (www.apogeephoto.com)


Andrew Darlow’s “301 Inkjet Tips and techniques” has expanded my horizons. After a lifetime of traditional photography, trained by Ansel Adams and Morley Baer with my first exhibition prize in a Kodak exhibit in 1939, having published and exhibited, I approached digital photography with apprehension much as I surrendered my native language to become fluent in English. In the final analysis all learning is self-taught and this particular guide, with almost two dozen authorities as teachers, has helped me become fluent in the new digital language. Much as I have had a passion for darkroom silver printing and platinum, I am seeing even greater creative potential in the digital world. Exposure to new learning is not only creative but uplifting and fun. I am glad I discovered this book. I have already devoured it and am thrilled with my new prints that surpass what I had been able to do in the darkroom.

-Joachim Oppenheimer, M.D.


At a few pages short of 500, the book’s breadth is impressive.

1) For those folks new to digital printing, there’s a nice section–actually
sections–on Color management & BW printing.
2) The book also includes sections on Assembling & Presenting Portfolios,
Marketing, Exhibits, Lighting, Packing & Mailing Artwork.
3) The book briefly discusses lots of product associated with the many
facets of inkjet printing–everything from printers to paper; coatings and
sprays for specialty printing–canvas, fabric etc and more.
4) It’s the kind of book where the tips get you creatively thinking beyond
the ideas in the book.

This is one book I can enthusiastically recommend.

-Christine Aguila, Chicago, Illinois