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Article About RIPs (and products that are similar to RIPs) for Professional Photographer magazine.

I recently wrote an article about RIPs, or Raster Image Processors, and products that are similar to RIPs for the March issue of Professional Photographer magazine. After looking closely at all of them, I was surprised to see how many features have been added to many of the RIPs over the years. Even though I primarily print directly from Photoshop or Lightroom to the standard driver, there are many reasons why one might choose a RIP.

You can find the article on RIPs here.

I also recommend Professional Photographer magazine to any working (or aspiring) pro photographer. The image quality, ink on paper reproduction, and editorial content are fantastic. The content includes marketing tips, reviews of DSLRs and many other products, lighting advice and many inspirational stories about people and the people, places and things they photograph. Subscription information (digital and print editions), can be found here.

Andrew Darlow

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Arlene Love - March 17, 2009

The major issue I have with my Nikon D200 is noise in the darks and transitions. It\’s also very heavy. Would it be a mistake to trade down to a D90? My work is street photography.
301 Inkjet Tips is always by my right hand. Thanks so much.


Andrew Darlow - April 8, 2009

Hi Arlene:

This is a tricky question to answer. I think a D90 might have less noise, but if you use a lower ISO, you might find that the noise is fine. Also, you may not notice the noise in prints. You can also try dust and scratches in Photoshop.

Arlene Love - April 14, 2009

Thanks Andrew. The noise is very visible in the prints because I usually print 16×20 or larger. I use blurs, brushes at various levels of opacity to soften the noise. I do use a high ISO because I aim for sharpness. I shoot on the street or in markets in all kinds of available light, and I gotta have a fast shutter speed. Is the Nikon D300 much better than the 200? I see the D300 advertised everywhere, but the 200 seems to have disappeared.

Your book is my Bible. Thanks so much.



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