inkAID tutorial PDF available on inkAID’s website

A four page PDF by Artist, educator and author Karin Schminke entitled: “Printing on Uncoated Papers Using inkAID Coatings” was just posted on inkAID’s website. I’m very happy to have the technique as a part of the 301 Inkjet Tips book, and appreciate the work of all of the guest artists whose tips and techniques appear in the book.

The 4 page PDF with additional information about inkAID and the bookis available here for download:

or you can download the PDF directly here.

Andrew Darlow

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Kristine McCarroll - January 12, 2011

I want to transfer images onto natural silk organza (100% silk), a very sheer material and I want it to retain its sheerness quality.
I do the transfer by the technic of dye sublimation, which is basically using a very hot iron applied to the back of the the paper, which has the image printed via inkjet printer, to release the ink onto the fabric. Whilst this technic works beautifully on polyesther fabric, the colour do not transfer with a lot of strength onto a 100% natural fiber fabric.
Therefore I need to use a binder medium in a spray form or inkaid style medium which is clear and will not modify the texture of the fabric. Any suggestion or recommendation will be very much appreciated.
Thanks in advance

Andrew Darlow - January 13, 2011

Hi Kristine:

Thank you for your post. This is a pretty specialized area, and I think you will get the best answer from the folks at inkaid, or one of two Yahoo lists I’ve noted below. You can subscribe, then post a question there:

Hope that helps.
All the best! -Andrew


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