The “InkjetSelector” PDF from “301 Inkjet Tips” available free for download

One of the questions I am often asked is “Which printer should I buy?” and my usual reply is “The printer that’s right for you.” I then ask a series of questions and within a few minutes I can generally give them some appropriate options.

Chapter 3 of “301 Inkjet Tips and Techniques” is entitled, “Choosing an Inkjet Printer,” and to help others make this important decision, I created the “InkjetSelector” checklist. This checklist contains the questions I generally ask, plus many more. You may find it useful just to get a sense of the many features that are available today on modern inkjet printers.

This is the introductory text for the InkjetSelector checklist as it is listed in the book, followed by a link to download the three page, 70 point checklist.

TIP 40 Fill out the InkjetSelector checklist.

Choosing an inkjet printer (or printers) is kind of like choosing a car. Many models will do the job, but only a select few will meet most of your requirements. To get started, on the following pages is the super-powerful InkjetSelector, a form I created with 70 parameters to help you choose your ideal printer. Feel free to copy the form (for your own use only of course), then fill it out, bring it to a store that sells inkjet printers, or send it to a reseller or consultant who knows a lot about inkjet printers and who can give you advice. Now sharpen your pencils and happy searching!

From the book, “301 Inkjet Tips and Techniques: An Essential Printing Resource for Photographers” by Andrew Darlow (Course Technology, PTR)

Download the InkjetSelector Checklist (shown below – 136kb PDF)


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Andrew Darlow

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R.Cassidy - May 25, 2017

Very useful guide and information.

Important considerations not included, but may affect the decision-making process.

What computer and what Operating System do you have?

For example, many modern printers may not support older Mac 10.6.8 or 10.7.5 or Windows XP Operating Systems.

Why would someone stick with an older Operating System?

How much money do you have or want to spend on continual upgrades of all software?

Someone may have an older desktop or laptop computer that is set up just the way they like it, the Operating System is stable, functional, and predictable, all of their software works well. When a person changes Operating Systems, typically it goes through convulsions or fits before all the bugs are identified and all other most-likely-used software catches up to the new Operating System . . . just look at Adobe offerings and relate that to the typical evolution of Mac or Windows based Operating Systems.

Also, most modern Printers do not include a USB Cable in the box, anymore, yet their set up instructions often refer to using a USB Cable to set up a WiFi connection. Yeah, that makes sense. Like the authors of the instructions never actually used the printer or the printer and instructions are produced in two different countries.

The point is there are considerations over and above what features a Printer has and whether or not it uses dye or pigment inks and how many of each. How about spending over $150 for a box of 5 different colored inks that last as long as a fart in a hurricane?

Too bad if you want to print your own A2-sized photos, at home, and such a printer would cost you easily $2,500, yet it will not do scans or send a fax or do any other business office functions, as well, which means you have to buy a second printer just for that purpose, costing another $500.

So, printer manufacturers got you by the short hairs, don’t they.

Be sure to add this to your “InkjetSelector” checklist.


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