Good Discussion About Setting Up Network Printing in Leopard OS10.5

I just came across this very good forum discussion on a site called As those who have upgraded to Apple’s Mac OS10.5 know, there is no longer a Printer Setup Utility. In the forum a few people explain where to find and manage your printers. There is also some good advice for setting up networked printers, as well as how to find IP addresses on Windows machines and networked printers. I had a difficult time finding my Dell 3100cn color laser’s IP address until I printed out the status sheet for the printer through the control panel. The printer’s IP address changes from time to time, so I sometimes need to delete and add my driver again. Saved settings such as resolution settings in the File>Print dialog of OSX stay the same though so it’s not a big deal when that happens. The IP setup info primarily pertains to printers attached via an Ethernet (not a USB) cable.  You can find the forum with info on setting up network printing in Leopard here.

Andrew Darlow

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