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Originally posted last month on one of my favorite blogs:, this excellent overview of over 30 books by some of the most recognized people in the imaging industry is well worth a look. From Photoshop-related titles like Real World Camera Raw by Bruce Fraser and Jeff Schewe; to Eric Meola’s book of Unseen Photos of Bruce Springsteen; to Peter Krogh’s Digital Asset Management book (The DAM book); to I Am America (And So Can You!), by Stephen Colbert, this is a fantastic group of titles. I was also very honored to have had my new book, 301 Inkjet Tips and Techniques selected and reviewed by R. Mac Holbert of Nash Editions. More than 25 guest artists, including Mac Holbert, contributed to the 301 Inkjet Tips book.

Andrew Darlow

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Mel Levine - January 22, 2008

can you recommend a few good books on scanning negatives. I have a collection of 35mm and 4×5 black & white negs that I need to scan with my Epson V700 scanner.


Andrew Darlow - January 24, 2008

Hi Mel:

Here is a link to a few on However, I think you’ll get better advice on some websites and forums.

I would recommend joining the Yahoo Group: DigitalBlackandWhitethePrint and asking if others have the same scanner. is a link to the home page. You can check the archives first.

Here is another link to a lot of good scanner info:

All the best,
Andrew Darlow


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